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Mat Care


One of the characteristics of acrylic is its natural ability to attract superfine scratches, they are apparent even at the time we remove the protective seal around the acrylic; whether solid acrylic or tinted it is part of their inherent nature. Acrylic will gain static charge. As a method of cleaning and removing static we suggest using optical (glasses) cleaner with a super fine microfibre cloth.

You can store your acrylic mat as you would your record collection or leave it flat. Do not expose your mat to significant changes in temperature as this will affect its structure. It should remain at room temperature.

If there is a colour you want but do not see it in our range please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to see if it is something we can offer you



Please do not wash any of the mats as they will lose their shape and structure. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the mats keep their efficacy from the point of material selection and manufacture to shipping. The packaging material is there to be used if you are not using the Felty on your turntable. In which case, please store your mat laying flat within its packaging, not vertically. failure to do this will lead to loss of shape of your mat. Any type of removal of debris should be done with great care.