Orange Tint Acrylic Platter Mat 3mm SuperMat v2

Orange Tint Acrylic Platter Mat 3mm SuperMat v2
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Brand:  iRock Audio
Colour:  Orange
Product Type:  Turntable Mat
Size:  3mm
Model:  Supermat 2
Material:  Acrylic
Colour Type:  Translucent

Made in the UK 

iRock Audio orange tint acrylic platter mat supermat v2


The orange tint turntable mat is a lovely transparent design especially when you have plenty of light reflection. It is an illuminating orange colour that stands will visually enhance any turntable.

Our new version 2 Supermat has been redesigned to take into consideration valuable customer feedback. In particular we have removed the centre label completely and replaced it with a simple design that we can differentiate from other mats.

In addition we are able to offer every colour in the smaller 290mm diameter to accommodate Technics turntables, and other similar turntable styles which necessitate a smaller platter mat.

The bottomline is that Supermat V2 Acrylic Turntable Mat makes your turntable look and sound better. Being constructed from acrylic it has natural benefits to turntables, offering a neutral sound characteristic. We developed the Supermat because of our love of hifi and we wanted to give you the opportunity to customise and upgrade your turntable.

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